frequently asked Questions

‍Is Legal Doctrine an Algerian company?

Yes. Legal Doctrine is a 100% Algerian startup and was founded in February 2018.

‍Is Legal Doctrine a law firm?

No. Legal Doctrine is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. We simply provide access to information legal.

‍What is legaltech?

Legaltech is a new sector of activity that puts technology at the service of access to law. Legal Doctrine is the first legaltech startup in Algeria and has been named 'Best African Legaltech Startup' twice; in 2018 in Zurich and in 2019 in Tunis.

‍Is the subscription individual?

Yes. The artificial intelligence of personalizes the content offered to you according to your personal interests. Take advantage of an ultra-relevant search engine and tailor-made legal watch.

‍Does the subscription give access to the entire documentary collection?

Yes, a subscription to allows you to search our entire legal collection (consisting of more than 3 million texts). Our offering covers all areas of law and all types of documents in 3 languages.

‍What type of data do you have?

Legal Doctrine is the most complete database covering all of the law in Algeria (from 1962 to the present day).
All branches of law are represented: taxation, social law, investments, hydrocarbons, public contracts, etc.
The database is made up of:

  • legislative texts (laws, draft laws, explanatory statements, etc.)

  • regulatory texts (decrees, notes, circulars, decisions, orders, etc.);

  • court decisions (all levels of jurisdiction, decisions, stops, etc.).

‍How do you get so much data?

We have 02 data acquisition channels:

  • Robots which constantly scan the web in search of texts available for free access on official sites;

  • Robots which constantly scan the web in search of texts available for free access on official sites;

‍How do you protect data? uses a powerful protocol: all your searches are encrypted before being transmitted to our servers so as to prevent anyone from intercepting them. uses an AES encryption algorithm, the best standard on the market. uses an AES encryption algorithm. BCRYPT encryption making your connection identifiers highly secure.
In addition, the data that you will be required to provide through our platform are processed by the data controller of Legal Doctrine in accordance with Law No. 18- 07 of 25 Ramadhan 1439 corresponding to June 10, 2018 relating to the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data.