Legal Consolidation

Going Beyond Search Engines with Curated Insights and Visual Design

Consolidated texts at your fingertips for all your legal research in Africa

No more doubts and repeated searches on Google or in your old files. Legal Doctrine centralizes all legal information available in Africa.

The consolidation of the law is the constant challenge for legal professionals. The rapid evolution of the legislative and regulatory landscape requires constant vigilance to anticipate changes.

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Legal journey over time: let yourself be guided by the chronological revolution of texts

The evolution of law is a complex dance between tradition, contemporary adjustments and future aspirations.

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Discover the textual revolution via an interactive timeline, revealing all the versions and their dates. Immerse yourself in the evolution of the text, explore the key stages and understand the story through this immersive experience.


Let's Explore Application Texts: A Textual Revolution Across Versions

Don't miss any application texts: dive into this Interactive timeline which reveals each step, and understand the evolution of the text over time.

Texts chronology in legal doctrine app

A complete vision from the first search

Faced with this complexity, Legal Doctrine has been exploring for several years the possibilities offered by generative AI to automate this consolidation process.

Find all the relevant information from a single point of entry by controlling the evolution of your legal texts.