Legal Watch

Make legal information your best asset.

Automated and personalized legal monitoring: by organization, sector and importance.

Let the law come to you, our team of professionals works daily to offer you directly the most relevant legal information in real time.

Optimize your legal monitoring by using intelligent multi-criteria filters by text type, sector and organization.


Thanks to its powerful indexing and keyword search functionalities, the Legal Doctrine platform allows you to quickly identify the most relevant legal information from which you can build your own strategy.

Personalize your Legal Doctrine experience by choosing your sectors of activity. Receive tailored content directly to your interests.

Receive your alerts whenever you want

You can configure your legal monitoring according to your interests. The platform also allows you to choose the frequency of emails that you receive automatically.

Simply create your alerts

Anticipate legislative and regulatory changes thanks to alerts and your Settings space.

Legal Notifications

As soon as a legal novelty is published on, you are informed via the legal monitoring system.